GreavesMarketingLogoFullGreaves Marketing, LLC is a specialized consulting firm focused on companies, senior living communities and other organizations that serve senior adults.

John Greaves has over 20 years of experience in the field of Sales and Marketing, with the last 10 years devoted to the difficult, yet gratifying, challenges specific to the senior market. He is a passionate advocate for integrating marketing with relationship-based sales, and he is an accomplished trainer and coach of selling teams.

Our clients engage with us to Dive Deep into their unique situation and maximize performance based on the problems at hand. A typical campaign starts with a comprehensive marketing assessment and strategic plan.

A performance improvement campaign can include:

  • refining your product and brand message
  • maximizing price and profitability
  • opening up customer channels
  • sales training and
  • leadership coaching

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Elements of an Effective Tour…

Any Senior Living CRM system has a task labeled “Tour,” but not everyone is fully aware of what it means to complete one successfully. I’ve had questions about that lately, so here is my take on what it means to tour a prospect successfully: If...