This is the first in a series of four articles about the building blocks of sales success. These ideas are typically presented as a discussion during a Greaves Marketing small-group sales training seminar. I have used this presentation format many times over the last 8 years and it’s amazing how impactful it can be, particularly for people who had misconceptions about what it means to be in “sales.”

There are 4 primary building blocks that form the foundation for successful sales. You may find some level of success without one of them, but that short term success will be shaky and will not be sustainable. The building blocks are designed to support Relationship-Based, high-value sales in a difficult selling environment (like Senior Living) where the prospect may not be aware of the high value of the product or may have fears and objections about it.

The building blocks:
Build Trust
Create Value
Commit to the Prospect
Go the Distance

Building Block 1: Build Trust

Trust is the cornerstone of our foundation, and we must carefully cultivate it in our words, actions and attitudes. In a discussion, consider attributes of a trusting relationship that you have, and talk about what helps that trust to exist. Think about someone you love, like a parent or partner. Think about someone you depend on, like a physician or therapist, and then think about someone you have made a major purchase from, like a mortgage banker, lawyer or financial planner. Each of these relationships depends on trust at one level or another, and can’t exist if that trust is breached. The poster from a typical training session is shown.

Now consider words, actions and attitudes that erode trust. What are the “red flags” that tell you to be careful around someone, or that would cause you to not purchase their product? A typical list of these attributes is shown on the poster.

As both of these lists unfold, each attribute can spark a lively conversation about what a great sales counselor should be doing and what they should be avoiding. Nobody wants to be in a position that can damage their reputation, and our goal is to make sure none of the sales counselors we work with ever inadvertently lose the trust of their prospects.

Selling Success is in your hands. Build Trust, Create Value, Commit to the Prospect and Go the Distance.

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