The life of a sales counselor gets much, much easier when they set aside their intent to sell. It also becomes more successful, satisfying and purposeful.
Everybody wins when you stop selling and start truly caring about what happens to the person across from you.

We are sold to constantly. We pass billboards selling us tourist traps, we get e-mails selling us fake designer handbags, we see commercials selling us political propaganda and we hear radio spots selling us the fun of casinos. As consumers, we recognize these attempts to sell and we immediately filter the vast majority of them. Why? Because most of them are trying to sell us something we don’t really need and their sincerity is suspect at best.

Now consider the person you wish to influence. Yes, there is a transaction at the end of your successful efforts, but what if you…
• limited your intent to truly helping them and delivering something they really need.
• acted as their guide, their advisor and their facilitator?
• had the courage to offer up alternatives to your product?
• were brave enough to tell them the truth about the danger in their current situation?

Commitment to the Prospect means putting their needs first, and setting aside your own fears and objections. Commitment to the Prospect means listening carefully enough to never need a script or a “clever” line in response. When we commit to the prospect, our message is no longer a selling message and they no longer filter us out of habit. Our level of commitment increases their attention to what we have to say, and we actually have the potential to shift their thinking about our product.

With my senior living clients, we consider our commitment and measure our actions against it:

We do our best to discover the nature of their need, find a solution that fits them, and carry the burden of the difficult decision process on our shoulders as long as it takes.
Our commitment to the prospect is not conditional on their acceptance. In fact, their initial rejection is often a test of the depth of our commitment.

In your next interaction, consider ahead of time what your intentions are. Consider whether you are acting out of greed, or not acting out of fear. Set both of those aside and commit to your prospect–they need you.

Selling Success is in your hands. Build Trust, Create Value, Commit to the Prospect and Go the Distance.

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