I was privileged to serve for 5 years as the Director of Marketing at Provision Living Senior Living CommunitiesPLLogo300px, a leading developer and operator of Assisted Living and Memory Care communities in the central and southeast US. During my time there, the company grew and evolved into an organization that anyone would be proud to work for. Todd Spittal, Co-Founder and CEO, is the epitome of courageous leadership and continues to amaze me with his approach to building teams and leaders.

Now, Provision Living is our client and we are excited to take a more tightly focused approach to serving the organization. Greaves Marketing works with Provision Living communities on a one- or two-at-a-time basis, looking closely for opportunities to improve property performance. We also work together to examine new markets and find the best way to serve the seniors there.

This blog will, on occasion, refer to lessons I’ve learned at the many senior living communities I have worked with in the last 12 years–many of them prior to my time with Provision Living. Generally, if it’s a lesson in how it ought to work, credit Provision Living. If it’s a lesson on what not to do, it’s probably from an experience before that time. In all cases, I’ll keep the community names private and generally focus on the core takeaway over the specifics of the property.