TVCLogoThink for a moment about a position you filled that wasn’t quite right for you. You may have made the best of it, but were you truly at your best?

Individuals can only be truly successful when they can work in alignment with who they are and what they stand for. Without that alignment, they collect their checks, fill the role and go through the motions. Many times, they don’t even realize that they are not fully aligned or engaged.

We use a program that identifies individual and team values in order to ensure each member of the team is truly engaged and pulling in the right direction. The Values Conversation is at the heart of this program, and it is a critical element of many of our most difficult campaigns. Jeff Arthur founded The Values Conversation after many years as a successful Executive Coach, Coach Trainer and nationally-syndicated Radio Host. He is also my coach and good friend. Take a closer look at The Values Conversation at their website: